Doctoral student of the Postgraduate Program in Exercise and Sports Sciences of the State University of Rio de Janeiro, Full degree from the Institute of Physical Education and Sports of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (2005). Master in Physical Activity Sciences from the Salgado de Oliveira University (2013), Physical Education Coordinator of the Rio de Janeiro State Cardiology Society (2011-16), Physical Education Professor at the Rio de Janeiro State School, Educator Physicist and researcher at Total Care (AMIL; United Health) - Botafogo Unit - Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation Service and was Technical Director and partner of CEIPCARDIO - Center for Physical Training Specializing in the Elderly, Lung Diseases and Cardiometabolic Disorders (2012-16). Has experience in Physical Education, with emphasis on high sports performance and assessment and training for special populations, acting on the following subjects: Athletics: from initiation to high performance; Physical Activity and Metabolic Syndrome, Physical Activity and Hypertension; Physical activity in heart failure; Physical activity and coronary artery disease; Physical activity and diabetes mellitus; Physical activity and the elderly; .

Gustavo Cardozo

Young Invited Speaker

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